Green Teas

Green tea is produced by stopping the oxidation of tea very early in the manufacturing process. It is typically processed lightly, though a bit more than white tea before oxidation is stopped. The oxidation itself is stopped either through steaming, as is common practice in Japan, or through heating over a fire or in a stove, also called pan-fried green. Where steam is used the teas are often more vibrant in their green color and the leaf often breaks up resulting in a variety of sizes. By contrast green teas produced using heat to stop oxidation tend to be more of a dull green color, have a more floral aroma, and retain the leaf structure without breaking down. Regardless of the method used to halt oxidation in green teas, the color does remain green. Typically green tea production is done at less than 10% oxidation.

Green Tea Blends vs Green Teas

We've got a good size collection of green teas and blends so we've split the category to make them easier to explore. If you're looking for some of the best green tea options from around the world, or are looking for scented green teas (like jasmine tea) you've come to the right place. We've got a separate category devoted specifically to green tea blends and flavored greens.