Dominion Tea Newsletter

Dominion Tea Newsletter

At Dominion Tea we strive to upgrade your tea experience. Our newsletter provides an opportunity to provide information about tea, its intersection with history and culture, and of course, great teas. Sign up to receive regular updates about new blog posts, great loose and speciality tea information, and other great tea tidbits. Be sure to tell us what kind of teas you want to experience so we can best tailor the articles and information we send you.

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Building Greater Awareness and Passion for Specialty Tea and Tisanes

We leverage our newsletter to help build a passionate and informed tea community. We love tea and want to share great news, blog posts, and opportunities to build on individual tea experiences. The newsletter provides a way to stay in touch with our customers on a weekly basis. We provide a small snippet of the current weekly blog as well as information about new products, events, and specials.

If you select Conventional, Adventurous, or Connoisseur we will use this information to occasionally send tailored newletters to you based on the selection. For example, we may send a focused email to those who prefer a connoisseur experience about things going on in well known estates around the world and/or special avaiability of small batches of rare teas. Similarly, those wanting a more Adventurous experience may get more in-depth information about some of the individual teas that are found inside their favorite blends in order to more fully appreciate the flavors and complexity in their daily cup.

The Dominion Tea Blog is published weekly, generally on Thrusday mornings, and covers a variety of topics related to tea. You will generally find a shortened portion of the blog as part of the weekly newletter. In the blog, we normaly focus on tea, increasing awareness, appreciation, and exposure to tea, and its intersection with history and culture. We've covered topics including major tea producing regions, the use of tea in cooking (with our favorite tea ice cream), the background on rooibos, and even explored a tea clipper ship taken over by confederate soldiers during the civil war.