As longtime tea drinkers we are interested in learning more about all aspects of tea, with a focus on specialty tea, and sharing this information with others. As we continue to learn, we are constantly amazed to find that tea education really never ends. It’s more a journey than a destination.

Hillary was born in Southern Arizona before moving to Florida and, as one might expect, started drinking iced tea and sun tea early in life. Over the years her tastes have continued to grow and develop as she looks to explore tastes and varieties off the beaten path.

David is a native of Southern New England and hails primarily from a coffee drinking family. Despite his grandmother being involved in the tea import business, David only discovered tea as an adult. A business trip to Japan introduced him to Japanese culture, foods, and green teas which served as a gateway to expanding his tea horizons.

At Dominion Tea we are in awe of the impact that specialty tea has had on global history and culture. It is a product that symbolizes cultural awareness, personal connections, adventure, and a connection to the land. We are honored to search the globe for authentic tea and tisane products, satisfying individual growth and curiosity. We chose the name Dominion Tea for a variety of reasons. For us the name symbolizes both global and American history, conjures visions of ships under sail, tea as a force impacting the spread of culture and ideas, and of course the state we call home: Virginia (Loudoun County). We hope you find value in the research, writing, passion, and love of tea that goes into this effort. Join others who receive our newsletter on tea, history, and culture and wish to further their exploration of tea.

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David & Hillary