Rooibos 'Red Bush' Tea

Rooibos Tea and Regions of South AfricaRooibos Tea also known as Red Bush Tea is an infused tisane and one that is growing in popularity due to its caffeine free nature and mix of anti-oxidants including aspalathin which is only found in rooibos. Its cousin, Honeybush, grows in the same region at a higher elevation and is harvested and manufactured in the same way.

Rooibos Tea Production

Production of rooibos comes from both the needle shaped leaves and bits of small stem from the plant. The leaves of the plant and small stems are harvested during the South African Summer to Fall season. After harvesting they are cut into small pieces and bruised, similar to the bruising of tea leaves to bring out flavor and encourage oxidation. After bruising, the leaves are traditionally moistened and allowed to oxidize in piles before drying in thin layers in the sun. This oxidation process is what produces the deep red-brown color and its sweet, woody taste and aroma. In much the same way that green tea is produced by preventing the fermentation process, green rooibos is also produced by skipping the fermentation stage and moving straight from cutting to drying in the sun.

Rooibos has been consumed by local Khoisan inhabitants for more than 300 years but it was the Dutch who first commercialized it as an alternative to costly imported black tea.

Explore Rooibos 'Red Bush' Tea

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