At Home Flights - Exploring Vietnam

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Tip! Consider a sample size to explore 3-4 cups of a new tea!

At Home Tea Flights - Exploring Vietnam

Sample historic and unique teas from Vietnam. Each tea reflects the effects of topography, weather, culture and how Vietnam is carving its own niche in the tea industry.


  • Snow Shan White Tea Buds: Ancient Snow Shan trees yield a white tea unlike any other, grown in Northeast Vietnam at 1,400 ft. These stem buds yield a delicately complex tea with sweet floral notes and lingering spice.

  • Lotus Blossom Black: Traditionally prized throughout Vietnam, lush northeastern black tea is dried between layers of organic lotus blossoms, infusing it with the flower’s natural fragrance and sweetness.

  • Vietnamese Green: This unique green tea comes from the Tan Huong cooperative in Thai Nguyen, Vietnam. Fragrant and bold, with bright and grassy vegetal notes that mellow as it cools.

    Our at home tea flight is a way for you to sample new teas and practice identifying flavors and mouth-feels. We have included a tasting card with a flavor pinwheel for you to use in your sampling to improve and practice your capability to identify flavors.


General Guidance:
Follow the instructions on each bag for the best tasting experience.

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