Yunnan Sunrise

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Yunnan Sunrise Black Tea Description:

Yunnan Sunrise China black tea features beautiful long leaf buds with brilliant golden color. Also known as Yunnan Gold Tea or Dian Hong, the steeped liquor is a bright orange-brown color with a complex, woody, earthy taste and aroma. The infused leaf itself is a beautiful copper color.

Yunnan Sunrise is also available as Tea Sachets (13 tea bags). pyramid-tea-bag.png

Connoisseur TeaIngredients:

Chinese Black Tea

Yunnan Gold or Yunnan Sunrise

Our Yunnan Gold comes from the Fengqing region of Yunnan province in China, a mountainous region of southwestern China close to the border with Myanmar (Burma). Often referred to as Dianhong Tea, Dian Hong Tea, or even Yunnan Red Tea, this tea style is a relatively recent innovation developed in the 1900's as opposed to other Chinese teas developed hundreds or thousands of years ago. Our Dian Hong Tea has been farmed under biodynamic organic conditions and was plucked during the spring.

Steeping Notes

Yunnan Sunrise or Yunnan Gold can be steeped as many as four or five times if desired. The ideal method for steeping is to use boiling water in a pre-warmed mug, gaiwan, or glass. Steep for 30 seconds initially and a bit longer each subsequent steeping.

Step 1:
Preheat mug with boiling water, discard and refill.
Step 2:
Steep 1 light Tbsp or 3-4 grams of tea per 8 oz of water.
Step 3:
Steep for 3-5 minutes as desired. See steeping notes for in improved steeping experience.

Product Reviews

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  • Great tea and great gift!

    Posted by Kristi Swanson on Dec 29th 2021

    I have tasted the tea and it is quite delicious. I gifted it to my sister for Christmas and she loves it. She is drinking it daily.

  • Favorite daily beverage!

    Posted by Dave Morell on Jul 17th 2021

    This is the tea that got me to quit drinking coffee and soda. Love the taste, and when Hillary told me to try it at 185 degrees, well...I was hooked. The lower temperature brings out its complexity and avoids any bitterness. A must-try.

  • Beautiful way to start the day

    Posted by Gerry on Mar 1st 2015

    Yunan Sunrise is a delicious, golden black tea - a perfect breakfast tea, as well as a tea for tea time. It is flavorful without being too bold. I am so glad I found it.