Moonlight White Tea Cake

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Tip! Consider a sample size to explore 3-4 cups of a new tea!

Moonlight White Tea Cake Description:

Some of the most coveted white tea from China comes from the Fuding (福鼎)region of Fujian Province, China. In the West its often thought that fresh white tea from the year of harvest is best. Yet in the East this is not necessarily true. In fact, the current trend in China and other parts of Asia is the appreciation of all things aged. Like aged puerh, aged white tea cakes are an experience all their own. As these white tea cakes from Fuding age more subtle and complex flavors appear. 

Our 2019 Moonlight White Tea cakes are made from tea harvested under the first Full moon of Spring and feature a darker liquor with a complex flavor profile. This aged cake has a sweet finish with notes of apricot, jasmine and fresh grass. These leaves are then shaped and steamed into the cake shape and have been stored in a controlled environment to age. 

Each cake is approximately 100 grams.

Connoisseur TeaIngredients:

Fuding China White Tea - 福鼎白茶

Western Style:
Add boiling water to mug and allow the water to cool to 170°-185° or simply wait 2-5 minutes. Break off and steep roughly 1 Tbsp or 3-4 grams of tea per 8 oz of water. Steep for 4 minutes. It may be well worth experimenting with water closer to 170°
Gaiwan Steeping:
Break off and steep roughly 1 g per oz of your gaiwan. Steep 30 seconds for the first infusion and add 15-30 seconds for each additional steeping. Steep as long as you are happy with the flavor.

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