Loose Leaf Tea to Water Ratio

The general rule of thumb when making tea is to use 3 grams loose leaf tea for every 8 oz of water. It is often suggested to use a teaspoon as a rough approximation instead of a scale. However, there is huge variety in the size of loose tea. Things like Vanilla Rooibos and Gunpowder are very dense while Bai Mu Dan and Cherry Blossom White are so light and voluminous that you can't possibly get 3 grams in one teaspoon.

The most accurate way to determine how much tea to use is with a scale. We love the small Precision Pocket Scale from American Weigh Scales but any good kitchen scale should work. 

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If you would rather measure without a scale we've put together the table below to help determine the loose leaf tea to water ratio depending on how much tea you want to make. Please... If you like stronger tea then use more tea leaf. Do not steep longer to increase strength as this only extracts more tannins and makes the tea bitter.

Finished Tea Leaf Amount (Large Leaf)* Grams Loose Tea
8 oz 1-2 tsp (Tbsp) 3
16 oz 2-3 tsp (Tbsp) 6
24 oz 4-5 tsp (Tbsp) 9
32 oz / 1 qt 5-6 tsp (Tbsp) 12
64 oz / 2 qt 10-11 tsp (Tbsp) 24
72 oz 11-12 tsp (Tbsp) 27
80 oz / ~2.5L 13-14 tsp (Tbsp) 30
96 oz / 3 qt / ~2.8L 16-17 tsp (Tbsp) 36
128 oz / 4 qt / 1 gal 20-22 tsp (Tbsp) 48

* Use Tbsp instead of Tsp when using large leaf tea.