Black Tea Sampler Variety Pack

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Tip! Consider a sample size to explore 3-4 cups of a new tea!

Black Tea Sampler Variety Pack

The black tea variety pack is the perfect exploration gift for your tea lover. This gift box includes 7 different teas in half ounce, sample size, packets. Each packet has enough for 3-4 cups of each tea. The variety pack is designed to help tea lovers explore teas they may never have experienced. The Black Tea Variety Pack Gift Box includes:

  • Black Pearls - A rare treasure out of Yunnan! Hand-rolled tea pearls gradually unfurl during steeping for a light and smooth black tea with no astringency and a lingering cocoa sweetness.

  • Blackcurrant - Historically popular throughout Europe, blackcurrant offers a unique alternative to blueberry or other berry tea blends. Blackberry leaf and cornflowers round out this sweet and slightly tart brew.

  • Lotus Blossom Black - Traditionally prized throughout Vietnam, lush northeastern black tea is dried between layers of organic lotus blossoms, infusing it with the flower’s natural fragrance and sweetness.

  • Maple Chai - Sweet, spicy, and perfect for an autumn day, our maple chai blends traditional masala spices with organic Indian Assam and delicious maple. A great base for an at-home latte.

  • Mint Fields - Fresh and reviving, this mix of organic spearmint and peppermint is blended with black tea and lemongrass for a bracing and delicious experience.
  • Earl Vanilla - If you love your Earl Grey with a dash of cream, this cup’s for you! Rich vanilla blends with Chinese, Indian, and Sri Lankan black teas and all-natural Italian bergamot oil for a sweet twist on a classic.

  • Kosabei TGFOP -  This special Kenyan offering is graded TGFOP for its high quality leaves. Light but full-bodied, with a moderate astringency and notes of malt, currant, and rich earth. A standout from the Kosabei Estate.

The variety pack includes includes each of the seven teas packaged in a small box along with a companion card describing each tea and steeping instructions. 


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