Witch's Tea

Witch's Tea (Serves 8)
This punch can be made both with and without alcohol. So look in the notes for how much alcohol to add if you are looking for an adult version. Garnish it with your favorite spooky gummy treats.

4 tablespoons Dulce De Leche Loose Tea (or your favorite caramel flavored tea)
2 cups water
2 cups apple juice
4 cups ice
Gummy worms

Start by boiling the 2 cups of water. Add all the tea and steep for 7 minutes. While the tea is steeping, in a punch bowl or pitcher add the 4 cups of ice. Pour the tea through a strainer onto the ice. Stir in the 2 cups of apple juice. Add additional ice if it will be sitting out or put into the refrigerator. If you wish to make an adult version, when stirring in the apple juice also add 8 ounces of Green Apple Vodka or just a plain vodka. If you are serving in a punch bowl you can float the gummy worms on the ice cubs in the punch. If serving from a pitcher, put the gummy worms in the cups.

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