How to Make a Cup of Iced Tea

Loose Leaf Tea is Amazing Iced Making a single cup of iced tea is very easy. So, if you are wanting a cup of iced tea but not in the mood for a full pitcher, here is how it’s done.

Single Cup of Iced Tea:  Equipment

  • Kettle
  • Glass Measuring Cup
  • Small Strainer
  • Glass to Drink From (16 oz is best but feel free to scale up/down)

Making a Single Cup of Iced Tea

To make a 16 oz cup of iced tea we are effectively going to make a concentrated cup of hot tea and pour it over ice to rapidly cool and dilute it to the right strength.

  1. Measure double the amount of tea you would use for an 8 oz cup. Generally this is 2 tsp but for large volume tea (like our white teas) this will be 2 tbsp.
  2. Brew with 8 oz water in the glass measuring cup at the same time and temperature that you would if making a cup of hot tea. The goal is to brew for 16 oz final cup with half the water.
  3. Fill your drinking glass with ice. The exact amount depends on your ice machine and how dense your ice is. Start with a half glass but feel free to use more or less in the future after you get a feel for how much finished iced tea results.
  4. After you steep the correct amount of time -- be sure not to let it steep too long, especially with green or white -- pour the hot tea through your strainer over the ice.
  5. Add ice if needed so that most melts but a few cubes remain.

You can use this method to prepare a cup of iced tea using all types of tea as well as herbal/tisane.