Bulk Wholesale Tea

Small batch artisan tea blends for wholesale restaurant and food service needs.Looking to enhance your customer experience with great tea products? We offer bulk wholesale tea with over 100 varieties, retail packaging, or private label tea packaged with a custom logo. We also offer the tea accessories necessary to bring a loose leaf tea program to your business and the guidance required to educate customers and staff on preparation & serving.

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A Bulk Wholesale Tea Supplier That's Right for Your Business

We know every business is different and each tea supplier has its strengths. Whether you are a coffee shop, restaurant, spa, boutique hotel, yoga studio, or other business looking to offer your guests a great tea product, we can help. Here are just a few of the reasons to partner with Dominion Tea:

  • Minimum First Order $200 - No minimum thereafter! Okay that's not entirely true, but if you are buying bulk wholesale tea we're you can purchase in increments of 1/2 lb after the first order!
  • Over 100 different loose leaf teas to choose from. Yes, we know that's a lot, but tea lovers are demanding and it's important to have a good variety from which to choose.
  • Training & Education! We don't just operate a bulk wholesale tea supply. We live and work in the industry maintaining a tea tasting room in Purcellville, VA. So we know what tea flavors sell, what customers will ask, and most important, how to train food service staff to serve a great tea product. And we offer training guides and assistance to make sure you succeed!
  • Small Batch Artisan Blends! We blend only small batches of tea, usually between 5 and 25 lbs at a time. This allows us to craft the best tea product we can, paying close attention to the quality ingredients and flavors we use for a superior product. Got a special need? We're happy to craft a blend that can support your customers and brand objectives.
  • Top Quality Fresh Tea! As you may have already figured out there is a huge variety in tea products available. Grocery store tea and suppliers who primarily serve the grocery market, may sell tea that sits in the supply chain for months or years. Others may buy several years worth of tea at once in hopes of being the cheapest on the block, but quality suffers as tea ages or corners are cut. We buy only the best teas and ingredients that we can use quickly, within a year at max!  

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