World Traveler Tea Pack

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Tip! Consider a sample size to explore 3-4 cups of a new tea!

World Traveler Tea Sampler Pack

The world traveler tea pack is the perfect exploration gift for anyone looking for unique teas for their tea lovers. This gift box includes 7 different teas from around the world in half oz, sample size, packets. Each packet has enough for 3-4 cups of each tea. The variety pack is designed to help the experienced tea lover enjoy teas they may never have experienced. The World Traveler Tea Pack Gift Box includes:

  • Bai Hao Silver Needle (China) - A prized Chinese classic. Our organic Bai Hao Yin Zhen hails from Fujian Province. Long, downy leaves yield a light and creamy liquor with a subtly vegetal and floral finish.
  • Ceylon OP1 Organic (Sri Lanka) - The mountainous landscape of Sri Lanka (known during its colonized era as Ceylon), gives us this OP1 classified tea, which brews to a deep copper color with a smooth, woody flavor.
  • Everest Gold (Nepal) - An exquisite offering out of eastern Nepal. Our Everest Gold comes from Pathivara Tea Estate and features bold, smooth, and refreshing flavors. Highly enjoyable both hot and iced.
  • Shincha (Japan) - A rarity outside of Japan, Shincha is the first flush of the sencha harvest. Delicate top leaves and buds are hand-harvested and lightly steamed. Intensely herbaceous, with an umami finish.
  • Nilgiri (India) - Grown in the Cooley Estate in the Nilgiri Mountains of southern India, this high-elevation black tea produces a full-bodied and aromatic brew with a brisk and balanced flavor with subtle sweetness.
  • Red Alishan Oolong (Taiwan) - This balled oolong is grown at elevations from 3,200 to 5,000 ft., oxidized to 80%, and then given a light roasting to bring out its complex flavors of fruits, flowers, wood, and sweet spice.
  • Snow Shan White Tea Buds (Vietnam) - Ancient Snow Shan trees yield a white tea unlike any other, grown in Northeast Vietnam at 1,400 ft. These stem buds yield a delicately complex tea with sweet floral notes and lingering spice.

The world traveler tea pack includes includes each of the seven teas packaged in a small box along with a companion card describing each tea and steeping instructions. 


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