Home Flights - February 2022 - Lunar New Year

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Tip! Consider a sample size to explore 3-4 cups of a new tea!

At Home Tea Flights - January 2022 - Lunar New Year

Celebrate the Lunar New Year by exploring three fabulous teas from China. These are a great representation of the skill and mastery of Chinese tea masters.


  • Liu An Gua Pian - Also called “melon seed tea”, this Chinese classic is grown in Lu’an, Anhui, where it is pan-fried after plucking. Flat leaves yield a bright green infusion with a balanced mouthfeel and sweet vegetal flavor.

  • Huo Shan Huang Ya - A rare tea hardly seen outside China! Originally conceived as a tribute tea to a Ming Dynasty emperor, this tea brews into a creamy yellow liquor with an umami sweetness and faint grassiness.

  • Da Hong Pao - One of China’s most-beloved classics! Grown on the rocky slopes of Mt. Wuyi in Fujian, Da Hong Pao is famous for its legendary history and rich flavors of toasted nuts, warm tobacco, and dark coco. 

    Our at home tea flight is a way for you to sample new teas and practice identifying flavors and mouth-feels. We have included a tasting card with a flavor pinwheel for you to use in your sampling to improve and practice your capability to identify flavors.


General Guidance:
Follow the instructions on each bag for the best tasting experience.

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