Golden Buddha

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Golden Buddha Oolong Tea Description:

The liquor of Golden Buddha is golden in color and features a mild and mellow flavor with a sweet finish that depicts its spring season. This wonderful tea becomes more complex as it cools with increased floral notes and a slightly woody aftertaste.

Connoisseur TeaIngredients:

Nepali Oolong Tea

Golden Buddha Oolong Tea Significance

One of a wide variety of oolong teas, Golden Buddha comes from Sandakphu, Nepal where Buddhism and Hinduism are the majority religions. In the Nepalese language, Sandakphu is a place for monks to meditate. It is the highest habitable point in the district of Ilam, the region of Nepal that is known for its specialty teas. The Ilam district is located in the far eastern part of Nepal, adjoining Sikkim and the Darjeeling hills of India. Sandakphu Tea Plantation and its production unit are located at the foothills of Sandakphu Peak in Jasbirey Village. This area is famous for the Maipokhari Ramsar Site, which is a world heritage site for mountain wetlands and the Maipokhari Holy Shrine. In addition, this tranquil environment has a biodiversity that is highly unique, and is home to many endangered species of wild flora and fauna. The character and flavor profile of Sandakphu produced teas is unique to its bio-diversity, relatively new plants, and its high altitude location. Sandakphu tea garden is located at 6,500 feet while the plantations are as high as 8,000 feet and above. Tea crafted here provides flavors and character which can be compared to none in the world.

Sandakphu is a unique cooperative tea enterprise and is unlike many tea plantations that are large corporate entities who hire workers as wage earners. Local farmers own the property, tea plants and are share-owners in the factory. Most importantly, the farmers benefit when the final product is truly extraordinary, because as shareholders, they will share in the profits of the factory. And, this company is led by one of the few women tea entrepreneurs in the country. The owner, Twistina Subba, and these self-employed farmers have conviction that the best quality is achieved when there is a sense of ownership of the garden. Tea quality starts from the green leaf that is provided to the factory for processing, and since ownership of the garden is at farmers' level, the farmers commit to grow and harvest only the finest leaf for processing. The result is truly extraordinary tea.

Step 1:
Preheat mug with boiling water, discard and refill. Allow to cool for two minutes.
Step 2:
Steep 2 flat tsp or 3-4 grams of tea per 8 oz water.
Step 3:
Steep for 2-3 minutes as desired. Experiment with cooler water or shorter steeping times. Try 2-3 steepings.

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  • gentle and 'sweet'

    Posted by Unknown on Jun 23rd 2014

    This is a gentle, mild oolong with softly sweet undertones. It is wonderful to sip and hold on a drizzly grey day. I have been heretical and combined it with a bit of warm mild--I understand such is reserved for darjeelings, but...I couldn't resist.