At Home Flights - August 2021 - High Seas Adventures

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Tip! Consider a sample size to explore 3-4 cups of a new tea!

At Home Tea Flights - August 2021 - High Seas Adventure

Explore the high seas with teas reminiscent of tails of buccaneers and buried treasurer. These teas are refreshing iced or hot.


  • Gunpowder Organic: A historic Chinese green dating back to the Tang Dynastic, Gunpowder tea (also called Zhu Cha) is hand-rolled into small pellets before drying, giving it its English name. Smooth and herbal in flavor.

  • Shanghai Clipper: Inspired by the great trade ships that once plied the seas, this tea blends Chinese keemun with lime and ylang-ylang for a taste of Southeast Asia. Zesty and bright, with a floral finish. Try it iced!

  • Black Pearls: A rare treasure out of Yunnan! Hand-rolled tea pearls gradually unfurl during steeping for a light and smooth black tea with no astringency and a lingering cocoa sweetness.

Our at home tea flight is a way for you to sample new teas and practice identifying flavors and mouth-feels. We have included a tasting card with a flavor pinwheel for you to use in your sampling to improve and practice your capability to identify flavors.


General Guidance:
Follow the instructions on each bag for the best tasting experience.

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