2015 Menghai Brown Mountain Puerh

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2015 Menghai Brown Mountain Puerh:

This lightly cooked puerh comes from the Brown Mountain in Minghai, Yunnan. This refreshing and slightly sweet vegetal puerh is plucked from 100 year old trees that have been allowed to grow wild. It brews a light golden brown color.

Each puerh cake is approximately 50 grams.

Connoisseur TeaIngredients:

Puerh Tea

* This product is no longer available. Consider 2016 Yiwu Shu Puerh.


Significance of Puerh Tea from Yunnan:

Step 1:
Preheat mug or giawan with boiling water, discard and refill.
Step 2:
Steep 3-4 grams puerh leaf in a mug or gaiwan.
Step 3:
Steep first infusion 1 minute, 2nd infusion 1 minute 20 seconds, 3rd infusion 1 minute 50 seconds, subsequent infusions about 2 minutes.

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